WISAMO, Michelin’s inflatable sail to reduce fuel consumption and pollution of any boat | Life

Maritime navigation wants to reduce the polluting emissions it produces by 50% between now and 2050. But it will not be easy.

In order to curb climate change Y reduce pollution, it is necessary to substitute the fuel transports by other alternatives. But what to do with those that already exist? Some boats have a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

The solution of Michelin is named sail WISAMO, an inflatable, retractable and automated sail that can be installed on any vessel to reduce fuel consumption and pollution by up to 20%.

You can see how Michelin’s WISAMO technology works in this video:

Wind Sails Mobility (WISAMO) is a Michelin company founded with the sole objective of manufacturing this type of candle.

After several years of work they have created an inflatable candle which, as we see in the video, has a retractable mast which allows the sail to gather up to one-tenth of its size.

It uses a very simple installation system that only requires a small hole to install the mast. Everything else is completely automated.

The candle is folded and inflated with a compressor, simply by pressing a button, and she orients herself according to the direction of the wind. According to the type of ship, saves 10-20% fuel, and pollute less.

Charger with a power of 65 W and USB-C connection compatible with any mobile of the moment. It is capable of charging very powerful laptops such as 16-inch MacBook Pros and other models.

As we have commented, the best of all is that can be installed on any type of boat, even those that are already in circulation. From merchant ships to pleasure boats, yachts, and any other vessel.

Michelin has already successfully tested one of these 100-square-meter WISAMO inflatable sails on a pleasure boat by marine expert Michel Desjoyeaux, and next year it will do so on a merchant ship. Is in 2022 when you plan commercialize the sail and install it on the vessels in its distribution chain.

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