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Does the rain bother you when you travel on a motorcycle? If cars have their own windshield wipers … why don’t motorcycles?

Few things are more dangerous for a biker, than a heavy rain in the middle of the road. Not only is the floor slippery, but accumulated water on the helmet visor reduces visibility.

It is true that the air itself can clean the visor, but this does not happen if you drive at low speed in the city, use a scooter, or have a car in front of you that is blocked by the wind.

To solve the problem comes WiPEY, is a windshield wiper for motorcycle helmets. Its operation is identical to that of the car, but here it removes the water from the helmet visor. You can see how it works in this video:

The most prominent aspect of WiPEY is its low weight. It only weighs 55 grams, including the battery. It occupies half that of an action camera, and does not affect the aerodynamics of the helmet. It is compatible with all motorcycle helmets that have a visor with a hook.

It is also very easy to remove and put on, thanks to its magnetic mechanism. Attaches and releases in just one second, as seen in the video.

It is activated with a button on the device itself, so it does not consume battery unnecessarily. It has an autonomy of 12 hours, enough to withstand a long road trip.

By pressing several times you can change the regularity of the cleaning, according to the intensity of the rain. Can work in 1, 3 and 6 second intervals.

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Since releasing the handlebar to activate WiPEY it can be dangerous if you are traveling at high speed, it is also available one button remote control, which is attached to the handlebar.

WiPEY was successfully funded on KickStarter, but is being made late. It will go on sale in a couple of months, and you can buy it on their website at a price of about 110 euros.

Its creators warn of the existence of fake and lower quality copies that are already for sale. So be sure to buy it from those links, if you want the original product.

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