Wineries, good food and great friends: Marcelo Tinelli made the wine route in Mendoza

Tinelli, his son Francisco and their group of friends on the wine route Tinelli, his son Francisco and their group of friends on the wine route

Friend, hottie and wine lover, what better for Marcelo tinelli Than to fly to Mendoza to do the wine route? In keeping with the thousands of Argentines who this year could not travel abroad and stayed in Argentina, the most important television host planned a circuit through the best wineries in the Cuyo region.

Empty glasses, exquisite dishes, bottles of all sizes and colors, large vessels, vines in full harvest … The scene was repeated a thousand times on the Instagram accounts of Marcelo Tinelli and his best friends. That group that has been around for almost twenty years and that is usually part of their life during the summers in Punta de Este and for trips to the World Cup or a Champions League game for example. That group of friends who are generally businessmen and who do not belong to the world of television.

Who were the party? The historic RR.PP. Leo Mateu, who is CEO of the communication agency Red Carpet; the dentist Santiago Braverman; the chef Thomas Kalika; Juan Pons, dedicated to the fashion industry and husband of the apparel designer Evangelina bomparola; and the unconditional Lautaro Mauro, political advisor and husband of the news anchor Agustina Casnova; and the businessman Hernán De Laurente, with his son Franco, who was not the only young man in the group, because Francisco Tinelli, the driver’s first male child, 22, was also part of the trip. “How nice to share this trip with you, dear sonTinelli wrote to celebrate the experience with Fran.

Father and son sharing a new experience together Father and son sharing a new experience together

The tour included large wineries and other boutique-style wineries, which differ in size and the way they work the grapes. Some of those that Marcelo and his group visited were, in Luján de Cuyo, Susana Balbo Wines, Viña Cobos, Piedra Infinita Winery and Cheval Des Andes. While they also toured Catena Zapata –in Gualtallary–, SuperUco –in Los Chacayes– Y Vig Houseil –in Maipú–.

And if we talk about wine and friendship, how can we forget that in 2014, Marcelo Tinelli was launched on the market as the protagonist when he presented Fede, a line in tribute to his friend, Federico Rivero, who died of cancer in 2013. Lorenzo de Agrelo It is called the driver’s wine business, which he leads together with Hernán De Laurente and the firm Young woo.

Tinelli and his band in a typical Cuyo postcard Tinelli and his band in a typical Cuyo postcard

While touring the province of Cuyo, Tinelli does not stop thinking about work and already put the first for a television year in which he plans to return to the screen with ShowMatch. At the beginning of the month, the man from Bolívar showed the new studies of his producer The Flia, from where the famous edition of Cut and Confection, the contest that is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 4:00 p.m. on the screen of El Trece.

The president of San Lorenzo recently moved his production company to the Baires Studies of Don Torcuato who usually uses Pol-ka for his fictions -stage, for example, of Argentina, Land of Love and Vengeance. This will also be the venue for the most famous dance competition in the country, which will return to the screen after a year of absence and with an idea that will bring together different segments that accompanied it in its more than thirty years of television.

The Tinelli, in red poncho, and their friends during a tasting The Tinelli, in red poncho, and their friends during a tasting

“We return in April with a new program, which will have things from Dancing and new ones. ShowMatch, the Academy and also all the political and other humor “Tinelli said in an Instagram story. Always releasing a piece of clothing little by little, the driver announced that “this is the year to return with Big Brother-in-law”, for which they are working on imitations of politicians who, in his words, “are great.”

Regarding the Dancing jury, a controversial issue if there are any, he announced that he already has three names insured of which only one slipped: that of Karina The Little Princess, whom he has already welcomed, who in this way will repeat the role he had in the Singing 2020. To know the rest, we will have to wait, and every so often to go around Marcelo’s networks to see if there is anything new.


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