This Friday marks the 30th anniversary of the minigame ofLonelyofWindows, released on May 22,1990together with version 3.0 of the PC operating systemMicrosoftand to which today 35 million people continue to play every month.

Windows Solitaireit came standard in the operating system, like others like himMinesweeper. It was developed by the then Microsoft Fellow Wes Cherry in 1989, a year before its release into the system.

The incorporation of this casual video game in Windows had as its initial objectivethat users get used to the system interface and the use of the mouseat a time, in the early 1990s, when personal computers were not yet widespread.

Thus, Solitaire used a click-and-drag-and-drop card mechanic that allowed users of the time to familiarize themselves with some essential commands for operating the system.

This video game based on the popular single player card game currently stands as “the most played computer game in history“according to the Microsoft Store.

To allow users to continue playing the classic title, Microsoft released in 2012 the free video game Microsoft Solitaire Collection, an update to the classic solitaire compatible with the current Windows 10 system and also available for iOS and Android mobiles.

The game continues to have a very large player base today, with over 35 million players per month.worldwide, located in more than 200 countries and playing versions in 65 different languages.

Today a total of 100 million hands are played a day in the classic Microsoft video game, and in the past decade alone it was played by 500 million people, according to data from the US technology company in a statement.

Likewise, Microsoft has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its popular video game with a call to overcome the historical record of games surpassed by Windows Solitaire in a single day and has shared curious data such as Vatican City is one of the six states in the world with more players per capita.