Windows 11 will only work on laptops with a front webcam

We have Windows 11 even in the soup, but it is what it is when Microsoft announces a new major version of its operating system for PC, something that, almost as if it were a new generation of consoles, only happens every several years.

Of how much we have been published only in the last days about Windows 11, perhaps one of the topics that has generated the most discussion is that of system requirements, which, if strictly required, would leave out – unless they renew their hardware – a large number of users. However, everything is not yet confirmed as it should and it does not seem that what appears on the paper is going to mass.

Be that as it may, if the obligation to have a TPM 2.0 chip – again, without confirming whether it will be optional or not – has touched your soul, here is a new consideration to assess: Windows 11 will only work on laptops with a front-facing webcam from 2023. Why does it matter, when in practice all laptops include webcams from the factory, at least on the front? By the requirement itself, of course.

According to Neowin, “all devices (except desktop PCs) must have a forward-facing webcam. This condition will enter effective as of January 1, 2023 and it should force manufacturers to include a webcam in devices such as laptops or tablets. ‘

The webcam will need to have its own requirements, such as HD resolution (1280 × 720) or 1: 1 aspect ratio, as well as support for white balance and automatic exposure functions. Requirements all of them that smell like a sort of minimum fix with which to enable a biometric camera – it would not be such, but to be understood – for authentication through facial recognition with which to log in or unlock the screen.

The published information includes other rules regarding the activation of the camera, which can be deactivated, but must also be activated when required. So the doubt that this whole roll generates is obvious: Is Microsoft going to force you to log into Windows 11 using facial recognition? Is this really going to be an insurmountable requirement to be able to use Windows 11? It is the doubt expressed by some fearful of privacy on the Internet …

… Although it could also be a warning to sailors, in the light of the fact that even though it is an exception, there are recent laptops, especially of the gaming type, that do not have a camera of the type that is required. Can you imagine having bought a bicharraco to play one or two years ago and that it cannot work with Windows 11? We will have to see it.

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