Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps and allow developers to keep 100% of the profits

Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, will be able to run Android applications. In addition, developers who publish their apps on the Microsoft Store will be able to use their own payment platforms. This was announced by the company during its conference.

The Microsoft Store will allow downloading Android applications, which will be compatible with the operating system thanks to the Intel Bridge platform. The company will integrate the Amazon application store into its Microsoft Store, which in turn includes apps from the Google operating system. Windows 11 will adapt the interface to the application format so that it can be used correctly. In this way, users will be able to use apps such as TikTok, YouTube and many others, from the Windows desktop.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that developers will be able to use their own payment gateways in those applications that they publish in the Windows 11 store. Therefore, the creators can obtain 100% of their profits with the income they generate in their apps or services. Those developers who prefer to use the Microsoft payment platform will lose 12% commission for each sale.

Google and Apple do not allow developers to use a separate payment method. Both companies also keep 30% of the profits. 15% in some cases.

Better compatibility in the revamped Windows 11 store

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The Microsoft Store will also support Win32 applications, which will allow formats such as .exe or .MSI. Developers will also be able to host their applications and updates on their own CDN platforms. The opening to new formats will considerably increase the catalog of apps in the store itself. In fact, Microsoft has already confirmed some of the applications that will be available to download from the platform. One of them is Teams, its popular video calling app that will be integrated into Windows 11.

Microsoft’s revamped app store, which will include a Windows 11-like aesthetic, will be available in the next Windows Insider build. It will reach all users in the Fall, and will also be integrated into Windows 10. Compatibility with Android apps will not be available until the end of the year, as confirmed by the company itself.

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