Windows 10 will receive its long-awaited update “Sun Valley”: Microsoft puts a date

Windows 10 has been too long without a big update. But « Sun Valley » would come to change with everything and Microsoft knows it.

We will not complain. After the turbulent experiences with Windows Vista and other versions we can actually state that Windows 10 it is one of the most stable operating systems developed by Microsoft.

However, it is undeniable that its interface and operation have already gone too long without receiving a serious update.

But now the rumors are confirmed, and everything would begin to change this very 2021. We know the code name of this new evolution: « Sun Valley ». And the company founded by Bill gates you already put a date at the beginning of your update process.

A gift of spring

Through a post on the official blog of Windows Hardware Certification We found the reveal of an initial release schedule.

Where it is filtered that a first update package, with the codename of 21H1, It would be contemplated to be distributed in the spring of this 2021 and then to be released massively in May.

This step would only be the prelude to later, later this year distribute Sun valley. For his part 21H1 it wouldn’t integrate major changes beyond a series of security patches and adaptations that would pave the way for the biggest leap.

About Sun Valley there are many rumors and the vast majority point to a radical change in the visual aspect of Windows 10.

In theory, a new interface based on the use of floating menus would be added and there is also talk of a more careful integration for the use of touch screens or the change to the tablet mode of the operating system.

But all this will be confirmed over time. What is practically a fact is that this 2021 we will have an important evolution for Windows 10.