Windows 10 will receive a new and improved interface in 2021

Microsoft is working on a major update for Windows 10 that will introduce a new user interface that will come from the hand of WinUI 3. I know what you are thinking, that it is not the first time that Microsoft has introduced new features in the interface of said operating system, and you are right, but this time we are talking about much more profound changes.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has released several WinUI 3 previous versions focused on developers, and has also taken advantage of these new versions to introduce interesting functions that have been of great help to professionals in the sector, among which we can highlight, for example, the possibility of using the classic gesture of “drag and drop”, but not yet we had nothing clear when we would see changes at the interface level in Windows 10.

Not sure what exactly WinUI 3 is? Well, don’t worry, in this link you will find all the information you need. We can define it, in a simplified way, as a tool which features project templates that make it easy to create C # / .NET Core managed desktop and native C ++ / Win32 desktop applications with a fully WinUI-based user interface.

Windows 10 will receive a new and improved interface in 2021

Microsoft advances in the unification of the Windows 10 interface

And he does it with a firm step, although without taking unnecessary risks. According to the latest information that we have had the opportunity to see, the Redmond giant is preparing an important update to WinUI 3 that would arrive in its final version in the spring of next year, and that would have, as a direct consequence, important changes in the Windows 10 interface.

The source of the news, Windows Latest, the Redmond giant wants to introduce important changes at the interface level, among which are the arrival of APIs and the main functions of the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) to classic Win32 applications. desktop, and we could also meet cool changes to the start menu and activity center.

There is also talk of other great news that could make a big difference and improve the appearance of Windows 10: a full compatibility with Windows 10X, which could lead to an approach at the design level of some elements of Windows 10 towards that new operating system, as well as greater customization options that would affect elements as important as the taskbar, the title bar and other components.

Microsoft’s goal with all these interface changes is clear, the company wants offer a more consistent and intuitive user experience, something perfectly understandable, since as many of our readers will know, in Windows 10 designs and elements still coexist of different generations of Windows.

The rounded corners in the windows will be another of the novelties that we will see in this long-awaited renewal at the interface level. According to the Microsoft documentation, these next changes at the design and interface level will be will begin to arrive from the second half of 2021, and they will also be present in all Microsoft’s own applications (first party).