Windows 10 users are confused and very annoyed with the upgrade to Windows 11 | Technology

The new version of Microsoft’s operating system promises to be one of the best with its new design and all the new features that it integrates, but it was born surrounded by criticism. Users have not been convinced by the list of requirements that the company has imposed to install it.

To install and run the new version of Windows 11 on a computer, Microsoft has established an important list of requirements that the device must comply with. Computers with very old processors or without the TPM chip are at the doorstep of this new version.

The expectation and desire to try the new version of Windows quickly dissolved when all the conditions that were required to install it were known. With them, Microsoft has left out a large number of users whose computers are not prepared to make the jump from Windows 10 to 11.

This new version is still in the testing phase and will be released to the general public in autumn, but there are already many fans who wanted to put it to the test and have not been able to. In summary, the computer must integrate at least one 64GB capacity hard drive, processor with 2 or more cores, TPM 2.0, 4 GB of RAM and Secure Boot.

The CPU is the brain of the computer. Windows 10 offers us different options to optimize its use if we want to avoid overheating, or improve its performance.

While some users were able to install it on their mobile from 2015, other more modern computers did not pass the Microsoft PC Health Check Tool test, the tool that the company has enabled so that consumers can confirm that their computer is compatible or not with Windows 11.

It is enough to accept the terms and install so that in a few seconds the program is ready on the computer. Then you have to click on Open Windows PC Health Check to start the program that has just been installed. In the window that opens, highlight the button to check if your device is compatible with the update. At the moment you will see one of the two options: whether or not the computer can run Windows 11.

Thus the networks have been filled with people presuming to have already installed Windows 11 and others complaining that they are not compatible with the version. “I was very impressed with Windows 11 until my computer said no, it won’t work on my machine. Are there any plans to extend Windows 10 support for those people who just can’t afford a new PC to run Windows 11” he asks a person in networks.

Microsoft has warned that in the coming months, while Windows 11 finishes the testing phase, the system will be examined to see if it can run smoothly on older processors and other computers with different specifications. Possibly by fall, that list of requirements has softened.

Even so, with this beginning Microsoft has generated confusion among users and tarnished the launch of Windows 11. The company has tried to deal with this controversy by explaining the reasons for the list of requirements, but that has not prevented the discontent of good part of the Windows community.

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