The redesign of the Windows 10 Start Menu had already been announced by Microsoft since the beginning of the year, according to .

There are also some minor changes expected in the taskbar, to give it a more personalized look

Also, a cross will be added to the notification system so users can dismiss the rapidly

Within the computing universe, whether on mobile devices or desktop computers, a fundamental element for a good user experience is design. When people can work in an aesthetically pleasing space, then they tend to have a much more satisfying session. In this sense, technology companies are always trying to improve how menus and interfaces look. The above explains the new change from Microsoft.

According to ., the tech company has just revealed a new graphical enhancement for its Windows 10 operating system. This change is focused on the Start Menu, and features a new color palette that aims to reduce the contrast of icons against the background. . The idea, according to an official Microsoft blog post, is intended to make it look more transparent and clean. The change is now available to the testers of this software.

Along with this graphical update, Microsoft also introduced some changes that are intended to improve the user experience in Windows 10. Specifically, around the Alt-Tab function. Starting with this version, all open tabs in your Edge browser will be shown during Alt-Tab quick viewing. This could be chaotic, especially for those who open several at once. So the option to go back to the original system will be added.

A positive improvement for Microsoft

Design changes tend to be relatively frequent, especially in the industry in which Microsoft is developed. A few days ago, Starbucks presented a series of changes in its vessels, but this evolution responds to the challenges of the health crisis. A few weeks ago, WhatsApp also showed some minimal modifications in its dark mode. Perhaps the most recent radical modification was made by Sprite, which launched a rebranding for its products.

Related Notes

While these are a couple of small changes, they could increase Microsoft’s attractiveness against other rival operating systems, mainly Apple. Windows has always played at a disadvantage in regard to aesthetics, against the software company Tim Cook. With this subtle modification to your start menu, you’re demonstrating a shift in the right direction when it comes to colors, helping to bridge the gap a bit.

On the other hand, the modification of the operation of Alt-Tab is clearly designed to make your Edge browser more attractive. Microsoft has tried for years to recover the market it lost to Google Chrome. And, technically speaking, your new software appears to be robust. However, he still needs to get more out of the « play from home » advantage. Perhaps this integration could enhance the appeal of this multitasking program.

Importance of design attractive design in technology

Lately, as the Microsoft case shows, technology companies have put a lot of emphasis on how their products and programs look. For example, Facebook recently introduced changes to its interface image on Android devices. As part of the development of its iPhone 12, Apple is expected to execute radical visual changes. Even Google has released minor graphical modifications to improve the search service.

While it may seem that Microsoft’s initiatives and rivals in graphic terms are not very important, in reality design is one of the most important topics. According to Dreamkatcha, an intriguing and eye-catching image helps increase the rate of interaction with consumers. Crowdspring notes that the “first impressions” principle is also crucial in this sector. Black Ninja points out that it is a fundamental factor when building brands.