Microsoft has identified a new bug in the Windows window manager (DMW) that causes the process to stop responding when the laptop lid is repeatedly opened and closed. It is a failure that affects all versions of Windows 10 and currently has no solution.

Now the good news is that the problem only occurs in some specific scenarios with 4K monitors. The Windows window manager is in charge of rendering the image that we see on the screen, so when the image fails, it disappears or freezes.

The necessary conditions for the bug to affect you

Windows 10 Bug Screens 4k

As the company explains on its support page, the failure occurs only in two types of scenarios (as far as they have been detected) that always involve external monitors with 4K resolution:

In the first one the user has a Windows 10 laptop set to 4K resolution that is connected to an external monitor through an HDMI cable. If the user has configured from the power options that the computer does nothing when the laptop lid is closed, if the laptop closes and opens the laptop lid several times, the Windows window manager will stop responding.

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The other scenario is one where you have the laptop connected to two 4K monitors through a Thunderbolt 3 dock. If the user decides to configure their three screens (two external monitors and the laptop) and choose the “clone” or “extend” screen options, if you connect and disconnect the laptop from the dock repeatedly, the bug will freeze the window manager.

The problem is caused by a bug in the Microsoft DirectX video memory management component. There is no estimated date to offer a solution for now, so those who are using their 4K laptop as a workstation connected to external monitors, should be careful not to open and close the cover too much so as not to get hung up.

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