Windows 10 from only 11 euros

Despite the fact that Windows 11 has just been released, it is still a more than good decision to continue using Windows 10. Moreover, it may be the best time to update our computer to more advanced versions of Windows 10, such as the Professional version.

CDKDEALS has just released a new mid-year promotion in which we will find interesting discounts and the best offers on software. Specifically, for all readers, using the code HT35 we will have a 35% discount.

But there are not only Windows offers, there are also promotions for Office and bundles that make updating our equipment to make it available, easier and cheaper than ever.

Software Deals on Windows 10

Here are some offers of the best software, remember to use the code HT35 to enjoy a 35% discount.

Deals on Windows 10

The most used Operating System in the world is available in several versions, from domestic to professional. You just have to choose yours and decide if you want to install it on one or two computers.

Offers in Microsoft Office

To be productive you have to have the best tools. And Office offers us all of them, from the Word text editor to Excel spreadsheets and, of course, through presentations. Here you also have several versions for you to choose the one that best suits you.

Offers in Bundles

This selection of offers is perfect if you need both, both Office and Windows. In the end, buying it all together is cheaper than if we bought it separately, so this option will surely interest you.

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