Windows 10 PCs already include the option to run Android applications thanks to your phone, the software that connects the mobile with the computer. Microsoft has officially confirmed it for some devices, currently the latest Samsung Galaxy.

The Your Windows Phone application allows you to synchronize a large amount of data between your computer and an Android mobile, such as photos or music. Said synchronization has been expanding in options to offer a complete link with Android; with some inequality since Microsoft and Samsung have an agreement that benefits Galaxy phones. And this agreement has even more advantages for the users of these smartphones: from now on they can run Android apps on the computer.

Running Android apps on your PC, it’s official

Microsoft has been testing the option on its Insiders for some time, an application execution that offers a remarkable amount of possibilities and always without using an emulator: Windows 10 already has all the software integrated. Your telephone is used for this, a link that now acquires considerable power.

As specified by Microsoft on its support page, the interaction between Android applications and the computer it can now be done from the desktop screen. Microsoft has confirmed in its Twitter account that the option is being deployed in a stable way to compatible devices, devices that, at least for now, are included within the latest Samsung Galaxy. In principle it is suitable for the Note 20, S20, Note 10 and S10 and several Galaxy A, although compatibility will be expanded to other models. Hopefully other manufacturers apart from Samsung as well.

Your phone application will display the list of installed applications. The user can run any of these apps from the computer in order to see them on the big screen, and also interact with all the options on the mobile using the mouse. One click to mimic the touch screen of the phone, right click to go back, scroll the mouse to move around the application and, ultimately, interaction with the application window as if you were touching your smartphone.

Microsoft ensures that compatibility with running Android applications on Windows 10 is reaching all users of the operating system and always to compatible devices. If you have one of them, check if it already works in the Your Microsoft Phone software.

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Windows 10 can now open Android applications from the computer screen