Windows 10 build 21292 keeps improving the news widget

If build 21286 already warned us of a new function, Windows 10 build 21292 confirms that Microsoft has decided to dedicate enough resources to it. We are talking about two previews released about a week apartBoth only for insiders, and limited only to certain geographic locations, so it is clear that the Redmond are collecting a lot of information from their insiders, and taking it into account.

As we already tell you about 21286, the main novelty is a news window in the taskbar that provides quick and convenient access to an informative selection. In its first version, it already offered weather information through an icon and descriptive text (clear, partially cloudy, etc.) that are permanently displayed on the start bar. And it is by clicking on that icon that the window with the feed is displayed. Those features are still present in Windows 10 build 21292.

In this feature update options related to adding sources and content to the widget are improved, in order that users can further personalize the content shown in said section. In addition, other types of information have been added, such as that related to traffic, which can show news, alerts and the signal of traffic cameras in real time, and even distances between different locations, in the same way that some already do. online map services.

As well the weather information function has been improved that, in addition to having the usual sources of information, further refine the forecast with social, spatial and temporal data that are analyzed by a solution based on deep learning and that try to adjust the forecast more to the specific location of the user, instead of give the generic temperature of the measurement point closest to the user.

Windows 10 build 21292 keeps improving the news widget

Widget version in Windows 10 build 21292

Otherwise, Windows 10 build 21292 fixes multiple issues found in the widget that debuted on 21286, This is the complete list, extracted from Microsoft’s information about it:

We fixed several issues affecting performance and reliability. We fixed an issue where an empty float was displayed after opening news and topics of interest. We fixed an issue where screen readers were not reading the taskbar button text and some suggestions were missing. We fixed an issue where news and topics of interest in the taskbar were not displaying correctly when using small icons in the taskbar. We fixed an issue where the news and topics of interest button would occasionally not display content. We fixed an issue where the floating menu of news and topics of interest did not close when clicking outside the window or a second time on the taskbar button. We fixed an issue where the content of the taskbar button was blurred. We fixed an issue where news and topics of interest were not displaying new content after toggling the background app settings. We fixed an issue where the flyout would not close when the pointer was scrolled on the right edge. We fixed an issue where it was not possible to navigate the side menu with the keyboard. We fixed an issue where the news and topics of interest taskbar settings were reset to show icon and text after upgrading to a new version of Windows.

It is clear, therefore, that Microsoft has collected a lot of feedback in a very short time and that they are solving many problems, and that explains the publication of Windows 10 build 21292 after only one week since 21286.

What does not change at the moment, yes, are the geographical areas in which it is possible to test this build, and that is can only be tested by insiders from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. We will have to wait for Microsoft to decide to take a step forward in that sense and allow its arrival in other countries.

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