Windows 10 and Office 2019

Although the days of Easter have passed, we can still celebrate it with some promotions like this one that KeysWorlds brings, with Windows and Office software offerings hard to match.

Before summer hits, take advantage of these software discounts to upgrade your computers with the best productivity tools. A good operating system or text, spreadsheet or email editing programs are essential for anyone make normal use of their equipment. However, price is often the main handicap and many teams end up obsolete too often.

KeysWorlds has presented its Easter software offers to buy online some of the most widely used software licenses in the world. Take a look at these recommendations and do not miss them.

First of all, for those who still do not know KeysWorlds it is a specialized marketplace in the sale of licenses at more than competitive prices, like Windows 10, Office 2016, Office 2019, and much more.

The best deals on Windows 10

The most used operating system in the world, has great discounts. Take a look here. No coupon is needed, the price is very low in itself.

Microsoft Office and Bundles

When we talk about Office we do it about programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. The most international and the most used all over the world. What’s more, They are compatible with most computers and other programs, so having it installed on your computer is key.

At KeyWorlds we have Office 2019 version reduced by 57% using the discount code SKW57.

We also have the same discount percentage for Office 2016 and bundles with Windows 10. In total, a discount of 57% using the code SKW57

Discounts of up to 50% on other products

KeysWorlds Easter software offerings are more extensive than you might think. In addition to all the above, we can also have a discount of up to 50%, using the code SKW50, on the following products:

Easy to buy, easy to pay

Keysworlds has extensive experience in the management and distribution of software licenses, offering an excellent service that guarantees 100% consumer satisfaction. Once you place your order, you will receive in a few minutes in your email the code to redeem the license. Another of its advantages is its ease in terms of means of payment. Accepts PayPal, bank transfer and credit or debit cards.

In addition, and finally, the customer service is available 24/7 ( so, in case of mishap, one of their agents will help you.