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We reveal some details about the city where the series of Dark, Winden, same that generated several speculations about whether it really exists, we tell you more about it.

The city of Winden is the setting for the mysterious futuristic plot, Dark, a German production of Netflix.

After the devastating premiere of the third and last season of DarkMany have wondered if many of the scenarios that appeared in the enigmatic German history really exist.

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Exactly! The city of Winden as well as many of the locations that were recorded for history, even if you are thinking particularly about the cave, were recreated with great realism.

Winden, is a town located in Germany and it was the ideal scenario to develop the plot based on a supernatural fiction as it is « Dark »

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Many of the scenarios, such as forests and many other places really exist, although on many occasions their creators had to go outside of Germany, specifically in Berlin where several of the scenes were recorded.

series that depicts an alternative reality of time travel amid space-time loops and quantum entanglements was recreated in places in a fictional city called Winden.

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The forest

It is located at one hour From the center of the city. Almost most of the series is filmed in Berlin, one house there, another there. The particularity of the soil in the forest is a very dry place, where many conifers live, long and straight, giving the impression of being a fairy forest, he declared. Odar In an interview.

The shots were a combination of the Düppeler forest, A 1,300 hectare forest area located in the southwest of Berlin, and the other is the Grüner Wald.

Reinfelder-Schle College.

It is located in the neighborhood of Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, same as in the series is Winden Institute.

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The caves

The central point where time travel takes place was created for the most part by CGI. However, part of the filming was done in the Unicorn Cave, in the region of Harz, since Berlin lacks rocky areas of this magnitude in Berlin and Brandenburg, where some scenes were also filmed.

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Lanke’s palace

He became part of lans locations to be known as the Winden Hotel.