This Friday, ten minutes before 5 in the morning, the astronomical spring and will bring with it widespread atmospheric instability, according José Antonio Maldonado, director of Meteorology of Meteored.

Since yesterday the weather has improved significantly in almost the entire country, although the probability of showers has persisted in the southern half of the Mediterranean regions. In the next few hours the rains will spread. The strong east wind in the Strait area will also be in the news.

Looking ahead to the weekend, two storms will enter the weather scene, linked to a pocket of cold air in the upper layers of the troposphere that could lead to a new DANA.

A cold front will enter this Friday through the northwest of the peninsula and will cause locally strong rainfall in western Andalusia and southern Extremadura. Throughout the day the rains will spread to the rest of the Peninsula, already weaker. Temperatures will drop in most parts of the country.

This weekend will be cloudy and will leave rains in all regions. In addition, it will snow in mountain systems. The west wind will blow strong on the Andalusian coast.

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