Wimbledon It is one of the major affected by the pandemic of coronavirus. On April 1, the organization of the London tournament published the cancellation of the edition of 2020. The Grand Slam of grass on English soil will not have a place this year and one of the main reasons why the organization has not hesitated to do so has already come to light.

The Times advances that the All England Club had an important insurance in which it included the possibility of a pandemic of the characteristics of the coronavirus that will take the tournament to the extreme of canceling it. The insurance, for which the organization paid 1.7 million euros annually, will return £ 100 million to the All England Club, some 114 million euros. It is the first cancellation of the competition since World War II, when its pause was also forced. Tennis greats like Roger Federer, They already regretted its cancellation despite understanding it.

According to the British newspaper, Wimbledon is the only one of the four Grand Slam that had insurance of this nature.. Apparently, the health crisis that originated in 2003 with the SARS virus He took the tournament leadership to take this measure and sign an insurance that contemplated a possibility similar to that of that date. However, the losses for not holding this edition would be around 300 million euros, but the 100 kilos of insurance cushion the hard blow.

This is evident with the measures that the others are taking Grand Slam. At the moment, the American US Open It has not yet confirmed the cancellation or postponement of its 2020 edition. This is scheduled to start this year August 24 and conclude the September 13th in New York, one of the cities with the highest number of infections in the world.

In fact, the decision made by Roland Garros It has created controversy and a great stir in the world of tennis. The French organization announced that it was suspending the tournament on its usual dates and they passed it to the September 20, concluding the 4th of October. Days after mentioned US Open. The change of date supposes a headache for the ATP since it has five events on those dates: Saint Petersburg, Metz, Chengdu, Zuhai and Sofia. Also the Laver Cup from Roger Federer, who criticized the decision. The non-dispute of the Parisian tournament would mean losses of more than 260 million euros.