Important news that may occur, although not unexpected. The celebration of Wimbledon it hangs by a thread, especially after the suspension of the Olympic Games due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which does not stop growing and spreading. According to ESPN, the British tournament will decide at the end of April what it does with the tournament, with the cancellation flying over the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

The tournament, which would have already assumed that playing behind closed doors is completely unaffordable due to all kinds of health and sports factors, has put a ‘deadline’ to decide what happens to the tournament. With the United Kingdom in the midst of an even more uncertain political and health scenario than that of some of its European neighbors, the sports competitions to be held in the summer largely depend on what is happening at both the health and political levels.

Although the suspension of the Olympics opens more dates so that Wimbledon can move and be delayed, the mentality has changed in the directors of organizations and tournaments, since the competition has gone into the background, hence the Games themselves have wanted to anticipate and give for canceled such a huge event. And it does not seem that Wimbledon has the stage or the possibility of holding the tournament as normal. The situation seems to be ahead.

The contingency planning that Wimbledon works on began long ago, with scenarios under discussion including postponement, cancellation, and playing behind closed doors or in a different format but these have been reduced based on updates. The source consulted by ESPN commented that taking the place of the Olympic Games is unlikely, amid concerns that sunlight levels will not be ideal for the lawn, and in fear that the government council is no longer Relaxed from what is now, a factor the latter, which greatly conditions the care of a surface that needs, much more than the others, a very particular climate and time of year, preventing it from moving as Roland Garros has done.