Never has an insurance policy offered so many joys to the world. Wimbledon You can be proud of having pandemic insurance that is allowing you to become an example of social and corporate responsibility. The cancellation of the tournament in its 2020 edition will not prevent the tournament from distributing premios among players who were virtually ranked at the time when everything stopped and, in addition, they have had the will to reflect on one of the most controversial points in its operation: the own method to determine the series heads that was used since 2002 and that will be replaced by the usual way in all tournaments to do it, such as ATP ranking, as indicated on the official Wimbledon website.

– Prize money to be distributed in 2020

In addition to donating £ 1.2 million to charities through its Foundation and promoting wheelchair tennis and grants to LTA coaches, the governing body of the All England Lawn Tennis Club has announced that it will award cash prizes to 620 players that they were going to be from the game in this edition. The total amounts to £ 10m to distribute among all and, surely, for many players it will be a relief to receive money in these times of crisis. All those who had a place in the final draw will receive £ 25,000 and those from the previous phase 12,500, in an exercise that has also taken into account the doubles players, in addition to a wheelchair tennis player.

– Method to establish series heads

The most traditional tournament on the entire planet can also adapt to the new reality and that is what the organizers have thought. “Given the quality of the competition and the current grass courts, the AELTC (All England Lawn Tennis Club) has decided, after discussion with the players’ representatives, to abolish the method of definition of seeded teams that was in force since 2002 to he men’s individual tournament“they noted.

This is very important since the method will continue to be valid among women, something that is difficult for many to understand. Remember that this method consists of a weighted average that takes into account the grass results of other tournaments and previous editions of Wimbledon. From now on, the ATP ranking will be taken into account to order the seed, with the cutoff date being one week before the start of the tournament. Wimbledon continues to adapt to the future.