The responsibility of running a tennis tournament like Wimbledon It must be difficult to manage and much more this season. Being the executive president of a centennial and iconic event of world sport and being forced to cancel an edition will not have been a dish of good taste for Richard Lewis, who will not be able to have the expected dismissal from his post. The British will leave the governing body of the All England Lawn Tennis Club with a clear conscience for having made the most logical decision and at the right time, but the bitter taste of not being able to enjoy tennis in the mecca of this sport. In a painful appearance after the cancellation was officially confirmed, the long-time executive wanted to review the current moment and the options for tennis to develop normally in the coming months, in words collected by EveningExpress.

“We have been very fortunate to have pandemic insurance. We made an effort at the time, we have the advice of brokers and insurers, and this will lessen the economic impact. We will not know the financial scope of the cancellation until a few months, but I hope there are not very negative consequences and we can continue with normality in the club, “said a man who, in fact, is executive director of the AELTC, club in which it develops Wimbledon, tournament managed by the British Tennis Federation (LTA). His responsibility is very notable in coordinating all the actors involved in the tournament and he has a global vision of world tennis.

04/01/2020 03:04
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Questioned about his perspective on what to expect in the rest of the season. “No one knows what will happen, but I think it is realistic to think that there will be no more tennis in 2020. Hopefully US Open and Roland Garros can be carried forward. I find it really difficult for the pre-US Open tournaments of the US tour to be held. I want to be optimistic despite everything and think that tennis will return with force, but with each passing day that option seems to dilute, “declared a Richard Lewis who will leave office at the end of July, in a very important transition process in the history of the All England Lawn Tennis Club since the relay will give it Sally Bolton, the first woman to hold that position in the entire history of Wimbledon and the club that hosts it.