Wimbledon 2021: Break Point Predictions

You know what this is about, I don’t need to explain. Tomorrow starts Wimbledon 2021 and in Break Point we love to be portrayed. Six brave men (three for each painting) present their predictions in the absence of a few hours before the dance begins on the British grass. Will they get one right or will it be the same as always? Here everything is written, in fifteen days we consult the solutions.



Winner: Novak Djokovic

A lot of pressure on the Serbian’s shoulders to catch up with Federer and Nadal in those 20 Grand Slams. But no one better than him to put up with it. The tremendous momentum that defeating Nadal and later winning Roland Garros could have brought him is a very important factor and he is really comfortable on the grass at Wimbledon. He does not have a particularly demanding frame in the first rounds with great servers. With a strong conviction in his options, he is the great candidate for the title and the different one would be a huge surprise, although nothing is written of course.

Surprise: Denis Shapovalov

It is always a relative surprise to speak of the Canadian, with the tremendous level that he harbors in his racket. But he still hasn’t been able to sneak in until the final rounds of a Grand Slam. This may be your chance to do some quarters or semis in a part of the table where Tsitsipas is the strongest, a total mystery. We bet it could be his first big tournament.

Disappointment: Stefanos Tsitsipas

The Greek received a hard blow in that spectacular and bloody battle that was the final of Roland Garros against Djokovic. It seems that the family situation that he met minutes before angered him but with everything cold we do not know how he will be emotionally. He has a tough first round with Frances Tiafoe and comes without any shooting on grass, a great unknown for his work at this next Wimbledon.


Winner: Roger Federer

I know many of you are thinking that, after the unflattering feeling that the Swiss left in Halle and the season of disappointments that he has been doing so far, placing him as Wimbledon champion is a prognosis more typical of someone addicted to barbiturates and narcotics than of a rigorous journalist. However, Roger has already said that Wimbledon was his main objective and if he is in London it is because he is going for the title. He knows this may be the last bullet in the magazine and will go all out for his 21st Grand Slam. He does not have an excessively complicated frame and, if his physique holds him, his grass tennis can lead him to glory again. Maybe for the last time.

Surprise: Lloyd Harris

I was between Querrey and Harris, but finally I stay with the South African. Despite the fact that his grass numbers are not particularly good and that he has had a low-key performance on grass this year, Harris has offensive tennis that can thrive at Wimbledon if he’s focused. In the second round, he will most likely meet Rublev; if he manages to get out of this difficult obstacle, we will see to what extent good old Lloyd can agree with me.

Disappointment: Daniil Medvedev

The Moscow tennis player is one of those players called to dominate the circuit when the Big3 succumbs to the inexorable passage of time. However, he is not a tennis player who particularly inspires me with excessive reliability. His debut against a rival like Struff, against whom he lost in the first exchangers a week and a half ago in Halle, and a predictable third round against Cilic, champion of Stuttgart, make me predict a premature fall of the Russian in the third major of the year .


Winner: Matteo Berrettini

It sounds like I hit a full-fledged trippy, but I don’t see anyone who can fight Novak Djokovic face to face at this Wimbledon. Perhaps the Italian could be one of the only people who can fight something against him. He comes from winning the Queen’s tournament and his picture is not entirely complicated either. Perhaps a possible matchup with Isner in the third round could make him a bit uncomfortable. With Djokovic chosen by my teammate Rubén, I am staying with Berrettini.

Surprise: Ugo Humbert

The Frenchman is doing an amazing weed tour. It is true that he has a tough game in the first round against Nick Kyrgios, but if he manages to beat him he has an easy draw a priori for his interests. I see Humbert standing up to a hypothetical quarter-final.

Disappointment: Roger Federer

Although it hurts a lot, I don’t see Federer planting himself in the second week of Wimbledon. From the beginning he has a very complicated picture. Players like Mannarino, Norrie or Querrey would not want it in a grass Grand Slam. In addition, the image shown in Halle when he fell to Aliassime was not the one that we all wanted to see of the Swiss player.



Winner: Victoria Azarenka

Little is said about the Belarusian, but the enormous talent and experience that she treasures will bring her some success in the near future. This tournament may be an ideal opportunity for it: it has an affordable draw, it performs well on grass and it arrives without much wear and tear.

Surprise: Angelique Kerber

Many have already given up on the German, but a tennis player who has 3 Grand Slam titles under her belt must always enjoy special credit. He has rediscovered his best version this week in Bad Homburg, he has an innate ability to play on this surface and in the third round he can give the great bell against Serena Williams.

Disappointment: Ashleigh Barty

It carries significant physical discomfort and I would not be surprised if it fell in the first week. It has been very hard for her to make such a big bet, staying away from home for months without interruption, and running into an injury at the worst time. He is not going to be in full physical or mental condition.


Winner: Ashleigh Barty

It is clear that the big question that will determine his performance at Wimbledon is whether he has had time to fully recover from his hip injury. If she is without discomfort, the Australian is without a doubt the great favorite from my point of view to prevail in the third Grand Slam of the year. Solvency, variety in his game (which also adapts wonderfully to the grass) and tranquility and confidence in his tennis through the roof. The best No. 1 the WTA has had in years.

Surprise: Jelena Ostapenko and Daria Kasatkina

They both come from doing well in the previous tournaments, they are young although widely separated and also the Latvian already knows what it is to lift a Grand Slam. Both have regained their game and lost confidence throughout 2021. They can go far on the London grass.

Disappointment: Aryna Sabalenka and Iga Swiatek

Although neither player comes out as a clear dominator on this short grassy tour, overlaid with RG, I think these two will be the big disappointments. It is true that none of them perform particularly well on this surface, but they have been constant in the first half of the course and they should at least comply and reach the second week for their ranking. A premature departure would not be surprising.


Winner: Jelena Ostapenko

If I think about it a lot, I’m going to regret it, so I’m going to give it no more. I have followed the Eastbourne WTA tournament quite closely this week and I was mesmerized by the good performance of the Latvian. Seriously, in both the semi-final and the final, Ostapenko was a tennis player who played with her eyes closed, walking on the grass as if it were her living room. A superiority that has reminded me of his good old days, when he promised to take over the world. Today we know that he will never dominate the circuit, but he is capable of having a brilliant fortnight. He arrives at Wimbledon with the right temperature and confidence, we will see if the spark is not extinguished.

Surprise: Donna Vekic

Since I don’t trust Pliskova very much, we are going to bet on a covered one that travels through that same quadrant. Vekic is coming off a very tough season in terms of injuries, forced to stop from the Australian Open to Roland Garros. But the grass is reaching and a smile is drawn on his face. Eighth-finals at Nottingham and the quarter-finals at Birmingham may seem like poor results for a grass specialist, but it may be enough to make it easy for her to arrive at Wimbledon, where she already made the fourth round in 2018. This time, I bet to see her take one more step in picture.

Disappointment: Karolina Pliskova

Perhaps to many it knows little, but to speak of Pliskova is to speak of a tennis player who until a couple of years ago was called to be an immovable top 5 within the WTA ranking. Conchita Martínez gave him the secret ingredient to compete and win matches on all surfaces, but it was the Spanish to leave and the Czech to enter a dead end tunnel. In theory, his serve should throw him a rope on grass, but I’ve long lost faith in even his best weapons.

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