Wilstermann get into the group stage thanks to Meleán and Osorio

04/08/2021 at 05:36 CEST

EFE / La Paz

The Wilstermann of Cochabamba won this Wednesday by 1-2 to Atlético Palmaflor and advanced to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana thanks to goals from Bolivian Alejandro Meleán and Colombian Humberto Osorio. Quillacollo’s squad started winning with the Colombian’s goal Oswaldo Blanco at 4 minutes, but Meleán on the 28th and Osorio in 88 they turned the score around.

Under the command of former Bolivian coach Mauricio Soria, the ‘aviators’ repeated 2-1 in the first leg in March against a Palmaflor that debuted Brazilian Thiago Leitao on the bench. Palmaflor showed an offensive game from the start, which allowed Blanco to put his team ahead with a header in minute 4, after receiving a cross from Spaniard Jaime Santos. The ‘aviator’ equality came in the 28th minute, after Argentine Patricio Rodríguez managed to recover and retain the ball several times and make a perfect pass for Meleán’s goal.

The second half was intense and very rough, as the Bolivian referee Juan Nelio García showed the yellow card eight times, apart from four in the first half.

The already classified Wilstermann extended the favorable account in the 88th minute, with a cross from Meleán so that Osorio ended up pocketing the ball in the goal guarded by Salvatierra.