Willy Bárcenas gets angry with the press: “I’m up to the dick”

Willy Bárcenas at a concert (Photo: Getty Images)

The former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas is these days enjoying his first permit to leave the Soto del Real prison. Six days in which he left prison for the first time since he entered the Gürtel case in 2018 with a 29-year sentence.

This Monday, some journalists have approached the house of Bárcenas, a portal already known to many Spaniards. The former treasurer’s son, Guillermo, better known as Willy Bárcenas, has been angry with the press.

“I’m sick of the fact that you’ve been locked up for three years, get out and can’t leave the house because you’re here dizzy, dizzy, dizzy,” he pointed out to some journalists who were at the door of the building.

On a second occasion throughout the day, the singer from Taburete left his home again and went directly to catch a motorcycle without answering the journalists’ questions.


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