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 Willy Bárcenas. (Instagram)

Willy Bárcenas is topical for publicly denouncing a alleged veto by TVE before his possible participation in the new edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’. Through his Instagram account he revealed this fact: “The producer tells us that they are very sorry, that they were delighted with me and They wanted me to participate, but that TVE opposes my participation in the program. “

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X. Migelez

The singer had passed all the tests of the producer and already had one foot in the program, however, at the last moment TVE opposed his signing

After his words, Shine Iberia, company responsible for all editions of ‘MasterChef’ in Spain, sent a statement informing that TVE has nothing to do with this decision since the public entity has neither voice nor vote: “The criterion in the selection process of the names that will be part of each edition of ‘MasterChef’ corresponds to Shine Iberia, who each season decides which names enter the edition and which names finally do not enter […] TVE does not intervene in any ‘MasterChef’ selection process.

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Shine Iberia has released a statement in which it ensures that no one has vetoed Willy Bárcenas

The document

But Willy, defending his honor and his word, has made the decision to take apart the version of the popular culinary contest and publish an email proving that he is not lying. This email explains the following: “From Shine Iberia, MasterChef, we want to inform you that we already have the Celebritys approved for this season 5, feeling it very much I have to tell you that in this edition it has not been possible to count on Guillermo BárcenasThat does not mean that in another edition we can count on him. “

“From Shine next season we will try again, finally the decision is made by RTVE and in this edition they have simply chosen others. We wanted to thank you for the interest shown by MasterChef Celebrity and hopefully we can count on him for the next edition. “

Thus demonstrates its truth before a habitual practice in the world of televisionThat is to say, the production companies propose contestants, whether famous or anonymous for their contests, with the auidovisuales groups having the last word regarding their hiring.