Russell: “This afternoon was not as positive as we expected”

Latifi: “The changes we made have helped my confidence with the car”

Aitken: “Driving the FW43 today was just amazing”

Friday didn’t start well for Williams as Nicholas Latifi had a gearbox problem. Additionally, Jack Aitken replaced George Russell in this session. In the afternoon they focused on completing a racing program and trying different settings than last weekend.

George Russell (- / 15º):

“This morning I had to wait during Free Practice 1 when Jack was in the car. This afternoon was not as positive as we expected and today the track was completely scorched. We tried a lot of things with the set-up and they were not as good as we expected However, it was productive to understand why it was not so positive and we have learned from that. ”

“I am quite happy to have two consecutive races on the same track because it gives us an opportunity to try more drastic things. I would like the rest of the weekend to be enjoyable and consistent so I can go out and show what I can do.”

Nicholas Latifi (19th / 17th):

“The Free 1s were not ideal, as I had a problem in the gearbox, so my session ended after one lap. It is what there is, these things happen. We had a very busy program planned in the Free 2 before the problem in the Free 1 because it is not known what will happen to the weather tomorrow. ”

“Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the Free 2, we tried a few things that didn’t go well last weekend, just to test and improve my confidence with the car and it seemed to be going in the right direction. My relative pace compared to where I was in qualifying and where George was is better now. Overall, the changes we made last weekend and this weekend have helped my confidence in the car and we are heading in the right direction. ” .

Jack aitken (17º / -):

“Driving the FW43 today was just amazing. Climbing into a Formula 1 car on a race weekend will always make me smile! On the first try I was getting comfortable, but I was able to get on with the second and started to feel more like at home”.

“This is the purpose of me doing this as a reserve driver for the team. It’s a shame that Nicky couldn’t roll anymore, but we took on part of his race plan and managed to tick a lot of boxes, which was great. loved driving today and can’t wait to push more next time. ”

Dave Robson, Senior Career Engineer:

“Nicholas had a frustrating start to the weekend with a gearbox failure early in Free 1. This meant we would have to reorganize the plan for the rest of the day, but we still got past some interesting things.”

“Jack Aitken debuted with the team during Free Practice 1 and did an exceptionally good job, showing good rhythm and control, as well as providing valiant feedback to his engineers. All the preparation we’ve done with him since the break came back was worth it. and Jack was able to complete a good and varied program, taking some key elements from Nicholas, who was then forced to stop. ”

“The mechanics did a good job rebuilding Nicholas’s car with a different gearbox for Free 2, with George back in his car we were able to do a full and intense schedule. With the gloomy weather forecast for tomorrow, we, like most teams, took the opportunity to use an additional set of qualifying tires and this allowed us to push our qualifying simulation a little more than normal. ”

“The two cars completed qualifying with long runs, loaded with fuel as we took the opportunity to finalize preparations for Sunday’s race.”

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