Russell: “In Hungary we exceeded expectations, now it’s time to return to reality”

Latifi: “The break has allowed us to analyze what happened in the first races”

Williams arrives at Silverstone with the aim of further improving the performance of his FW43, especially in terms of race pace. The team has improved a lot by one lap and its results in the Hungarian classification demonstrate this, after the double pass to Q2. However, in long runs they are still the slowest on the grid. Now they have to face a difficult challenge, which they reach one hundred percent after a week of rest that has allowed them to analyze what happened in the first races.

George Russell (20th in the World Cup):

“It will be a strange thing to get to my home race and not see any fans in the stands. Despite this, I really want to run again on one of the best circuits on the calendar. It is always a lot of fun to run at Silverstone and I will do my best to do my best this weekend. It’s great to have two races in the UK this year and we won’t have to move these next two weeks as well. ”

“I think our pace will not be as good as what we saw in Budapest. In Hungary we exceeded expectations, and things worked very well for us in qualifying. Now I think we have to go back to reality, and with that I speak of the first week racing in Austria. Of course, both I and the team will give everything we have. ”

Nicholas Latifi (17th in the World Cup):

“I really want to go back to racing at Silverstone. It has always been one of my favorite circuits and especially in these Formula 1 cars it is a perfect combination of a very fast circuit with very fast cars. It will be a lot of fun and I have many looking forward to hitting the track. ”

“The rest we have had after these first three races has been very good and has given us time to analyze what happened in all of them. We have seen the aspects in which we have done well and in the areas in which we have to improve. I hope that we continue in this good dynamic and that we can continue to improve as a team. ”

Dave Robson, chief career engineer:

“We have been able to have a week off at home, but now we have to go back to Silverstone. Two consecutive races in one of the most legendary circuits on the calendar. The weather seems to be good in the first two weekends, although running without fans These two home races will be something very strange for us. Of course, we are still looking for the limits of our FW43. Silverstone is also a circuit that presents us with different challenges than the previous two circuits, it will be a very tough test. ”

“Pirelli will carry the hardest tires for the first weekend, and they will go for the mid-range for the second race. All this can change things very much, especially in the chassis and in the configuration of the pilot. The progress we have made with the car in the first three races it has been good and we have been able to make two good classifications in the two circuits we have been in. We are in a good position to get more performance out of the FW43 in a triplet in which we hope to add the first points of the season. Silverstone will be a difficult challenge, which we will face with improvements that we have already tested in Austria and Hungary. We hope to continue our good streak and keep closing the gap with the teams in front. ”

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