Russell: “I am going to give it my all, I am very excited about running again”

Latifi: “I feel that I am ready for this challenge”

Williams arrives in Austria wanting to know where they are compared to their closest rivals. The Grove players had a very good feeling during the preseason in February and are ready for a new season. George Russell will take over the team in his second season while Nicholas Latifi hopes to surprise in what will be his debut as an official driver in Formula 1.

George Russell:

“I am very excited to go back to racing, and also on a circuit where I really enjoy riding, and also where I have done very well in the past. In addition, we have run virtually recently here, so we will arrive prepared to provide the best possible show to fans who will watch us from home. ”

“From a performance point of view … I don’t want to speak too loudly with just the information and the results we achieved during the pre-season tests in Barcelona. Of course, from the first moment I will give everything to do my best this weekend”.

Nicholas Latifi:

“I cannot go without saying that I am really excited to finally be able to debut in Formula 1. Definitely, we have not had a conventional preparation for this first race of the year, but these last few weeks I have prepared very well to face my first weekend ”

“I have returned with the team to the factory, and I feel that I am ready for this challenge. Everything will be very different due to all the safety protocols and the fact that there are no fans, without them, the circuit is silent at all times. We will need time to adapt, but the most important thing is that we are back. I cannot wait to jump onto the track. ”

Dave Robson, Senior Career Engineer:

“Formula 1 returns this weekend in Austria, and the whole team is ready to go back to racing. It has been a long period since we prepared the car to get as ready as possible to Melbourne. After the suspension of the event, we saw forced to close the factories. Of course, when we have returned to work, we have worked hard to make sure we are ready for this new season. We are nervous, but also full of desire, it is clear that we have missed the races a lot. ”

“Austria is a difficult circuit, especially when it is going to be the first race of the year. You need both downforce and a good power unit to be fast on the straights. The lap is very short, so a mistake can cost you very expensive, the pressure for engineers and pilots is higher than normal. It is great to be back again, there is going to be a great atmosphere, it is a pity that there is no public. ”

“Our last contact with the FW43, was in Barcelona. We were very happy with everything that we improved with respect to 2019, and we are very excited to continue working hard so that we can advance positions on the grid as soon as possible. Also We know that the teams have improved their cars compared to those that took the tests and to Australia, so knowing where we are will be very difficult. We have to try to give everything, George and Nicholas know the circuit very well, so they will be ready to hit the track on Friday. ”

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