Russell: “This circuit does not benefit us as much as Hungary”

Latifi: “This is my favorite circuit on the calendar”

Difficult first day for Williams at his home Grand Prix. With a somewhat edgy car, Grove’s need to make urgent changes to their car’s setup before qualifying, in their own words:

George Russell (17th / 17th):

“It was a difficult day, the pace was good, we are probably where we expected. As a team this circuit does not benefit us as much as Hungary. The Alfa Romeo seem very fast and will be in the fight with the Haas this weekend. We tried to find the optimal balance between downforce and air resistance. We have many straights but also many high-speed corners so we need to try our best without compromising Copse, Maggotts and Becketts. ”

“Silverstone is my home race, last year it was vibrant with all the fans and sadly we don’t have them this year. However, the levels of excitement are higher due to the pace of the car. We are not where we want, but at least we have opportunities to fight. ”

Nicholas Latifi (19th / 20th):

“I really enjoy my track experience here. It’s my favorite on the calendar, so I look forward to driving these cars. It’s fun with so many high-speed corners.”

“In Free 1 the first attempts were not bad, but we had a problem that separated us from the program to follow. We tried to change things in Free 2, although they did not work in terms of feeling with the car. It did not have the rhythm that I wanted to. I had a hard time to be consistent, and I was not happy about my high fuel load driving. I think I have an idea why, but it has to be analyzed. ”

Dave Robson, performance engineer:

“Although both sessions have been interrupted by red flags, we have been able to follow the plans. Each driver has used a different configuration in terms of performance balance on the straights and in high speed corners. The hot conditions have made it a bit difficult, but between the cars we have gained experience to have the best compromise for tomorrow. The conditions are expected to be different on Saturday, and if the wind changes direction we will need to make changes. However, it is normal at Silverstone and it is something that all teams they will have to face. ”

“Compared to Hungary, we thought we could have a little more trouble here, but we have made decent progress today, and we are closer to our rivals. The car works reasonably well, and we will see how things go when it really matters, tomorrow late. Hopefully we can fight for Q2. ”

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