William Shatner dismisses rumors of his participation

So far there are no confirmations on a fourth film installment. Photo: CBS Television Distribution | CBS Television Distribution

The franchise of « Star trekDespite its constant expansion on television, it is one that still cannot clarify its situation in the cinema. The trilogy produced by JJ Abrams, which would have managed to clarify its differences with the classic series by placing it in an alternative line, has not yet presented signs of a fourth installment, despite the fact that there are three different projects waiting to receive the green light.

Although the executives of Paramount have not confirmed the start of production for the new installment, a rumor began to emerge on the internet, which indicated that William Shatner, interpreter of James T Kirk In the original film series and saga, he could return to his iconic role.

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To the bad luck of the fans, the actor would go to his social networks to deny these rumors by clarifying that he has no relationship with any of the projects in development. « I wouldn’t bother to trust articles that deal with rumors, » he noted. Shatner.

Shatner played Kirk for the last time on the big screen through the 1994 tape “Star Trek: Generations”, In which the cast of the original series passed the baton to the crew of the Enterprise in the series « The Next Generation”.

Needless to say, the character of Captain Kirk died while helping Captain picard to save a planet from Tolian Soran, for what seems to be the end of the participation of Shatner in the franchise. However, the actor has expressed in various interviews to come to consider his return only if the story is good enough and it can offer a viable justification for it.

So far, the franchise remains active thanks to the series « Discovery« , »Picard » Y Lower Decks« , In addition to the upcoming premiere of »Strange New Worlds« , Which will be a prequel to the original series, narrating the adventures of the Enterprise long before the arrival of Kirk to the cockpit.

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In addition to the possible fourth installment directed by Abrams, the project written by Quentin Tarantino, who could possibly direct it, as well as the script written by Noah hawley, which was put on hold due to its theme related to a strange plague that invades the universe and its parallels with the current situation with Covid-19.