Will you make Christmas dinner? Follow these 5 tips to save

Christmas is getting closer and more and many families prepare for those dates, either with the purchase of gifts or what will be needed to prepare dinner. If this time you had to take care of the food but you don’t know what to do and where to start, we give you 5 tips to save so that your economy is not affected.

And it is that although it is true that the amount of ingredients and food that you are going to prepare depends on how many people will arrive that night for dinner, there are some tips that you can apply to not spend so much money on it, here we tell you.

Tips to save on Christmas dinner. Photo: Pixabay 1. Set a budget

If you already know how many people you will have to cook for, the next step is to make a budget based on the menu that you will make that night. Make a list with the dishes and the ingredients you need so that you can calculate how much you will spend on them, this could help you so that when you go to the supermarket you do not buy anything more and you adjust to what you have written down and your budget.

2. Involve your guests

Making a dinner from scratch can require a lot of money since there are many things that have to be prepared, for example, snacks, drinks, the main dish, accessories and dessert. Therefore, it would not be bad for you to ask your guests to help you by bringing a dish, it can be something easy to prepare, it does not have to be so complicated.

3. Take advantage of the offers

Before going to the supermarket you can check online if there are any offers, generally establishments usually allocate one day in which the vegetables are at a lower price, another for canned, etc. If necessary, wait until it is the day of the week that best suits you to make your purchases.

4. Cook yourself

You do not need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare dinner and this can save you a lot of money compared to having it prepared somewhere. You can help yourself from the tutorials or videos on the internet by following the recipe, it is not as difficult as it seems and you will also feel better to do everything yourself.

5. Don’t throw away leftovers

If you overcooked and there was food left, don’t throw it away, you can use it to eat the next day as you probably won’t feel like doing anything. In order not to eat what is left over in the same way, for example if you have turkey you can make some sandwiches for your family.

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