Phase 2 of the de-escalation will begin next Monday, May 25 in some areas of the country. This new step will mean the end of some restrictions, one of the most anticipated is the possibility of going back to the beach or the pool. With temperatures that at this time of year exceed 30ยบ many people are wanting to enjoy the common spaces, the pools and the beaches await their turn. The beach is accessible for walks and sports, but not for sunbathing, something that will change soon.

You can go to the beach and pool with conditions

The beaches will reopen for users, but with some conditions. These common spaces depend on the municipalities that will be in charge of controlling access and the number of people in them. The capacity should be controlled as far as possible to avoid crowds that prevent respecting the safety distance.

Common services must be disinfected or controlled. Using showers or baths should be done with the necessary hygiene measures in these difficult times. Otherwise, choosing not to use will limit the time you can be in them. Pools will limit their capacity to 30%, as long as certain conditions are met. An appointment will be requested and hygienic measures will be maintained.

Those elements that the users touch, the stairs or the elements of the pool must be disinfected constantly to avoid possible sources of contagion. Property managers see some problems with community pools, some are too small or do not have the staff to do this required daily work. Phase 2 will allow you to enjoy the beaches or pools, but the guard will not be lowered with the coronavirus, all precaution will be little.