WWE has many titles, but are you considering unifying a championship? Some think it would be a good idea, especially when there doesn’t seem to be as much depth as there should be to maintain proper competition.

Tyler Breeze recently spoke with Newsweek. The topic of the WWE unified championships came up in conversation. WWE has seen some double champs in recent months.

WWE and the possible unification of the tag team championship

Breeze said there are times like Survivor Series where brands intermingle. He didn’t seem very sure that the titles would soon be unified.

“There are moments like Survivor Series last year when RAW, SmackDown came to NXT and vice versa where everyone was intermingled, but that’s also why things like that are special because we don’t exaggerate, we don’t do it all the time,” Breeze said. “If every week you see the guys from RAW and SmackDown on NXT and the guys from NXT on RAW and SmackDown, everyone will say, ‘Oh, we should have separate brands again.’

“It’s one of those things that I want him to be special about. You do it at certain times and at the right time and that’s when it’s exciting. We have many options and opportunities, the fans just have to be patient. “

WWE is much more likely to unify the two tag team titles in the main cast. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro simply traveled to RAW and had a match with the Street Profits. We will have to see what Clash of Champions has in store for us and beyond. At this time, each brand in WWE will maintain its own sets of tag team titles.

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