This Wednesday he started running the rumor of the possibility that UEFA decides in its Executive Committee this Thursday dispense with VAR technology for the rest of the competition. Both the four matches that are pending in the round of 16 as well as for the quarterfinals, semifinals and final of this season.


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Ramon Fuentes

According to sources consulted by the SPORT newspaper, no one is aware of this possible decision that leaked Radio Montecarlo. Neither to people of the arbitration organization chart of the highest international organization as well as to the great ones affected by this decision such as the referees and soccer assistants who they carry out their VAR and AVAR tasks.

There are several reasons that suggest that this measure will not be carried out. On the one hand, it is sports as such, since the technology was applied in the round trips already played. And it does not seem logical, in the equality criteria, that they did not do it in the remaining matches of this tie.

But also because this possible risk of contagion that could exist for the referees and assistants who perform their functions as VAR, AVAR and the television operator himself who will be in the mobile unit located outside the stadium, is eliminated by carrying out test all of them.

There are also more alternative solutions that allow the performance of VAR functions in the mobile units that UEFA places outside the stadiums. And they go through further separating the positions between the two within the truck or van itself or even, if necessary, placing glass partitions separating the different positions.

But there is one last measure that UEFA could use so that the use of technology is not affected by this pandemic. Right now, considering the teams already classified for quarters and those that are pending, they belong to the big leagues such as Spain, Italy, England, France and Germany.

And all these big leagues have VOR centers from where the signals of their corresponding leagues are centralized and where the audiovisual signal of the matches of the maximum continental competition could be sent. In the case of Spain, it is the VOR center of the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas where they have eight rooms where everyone who has to be there could keep a safe distance. Starting for example with the Camp Nou match between Fútbol Club Barcelona and Napoles.