Will there be BTS collaboration with Bad Bunny? The interpreter talks about it

Will there be BTS collaboration with Bad Bunny?  The interpreter talks about it (INSTAGRAM)

Will there be BTS collaboration with Bad Bunny? The interpreter talks about it | INSTAGRAM

The reggaeton phenomenon, Bad Bunny became one of the most popular artists in 2020, positioning himself as the ninth most listened to singer in the world on different musical platforms.

He also nominated for several awards Grammys had his best year thanks to his incredible and spectacular musical releases, such as “I do what I want,” and we know well that his new musical album also promises to be a complete hit.

What we are, we are not totally sure, but there have been strong rumors about it, is that perhaps the Puerto Rican has an “ace” up his sleeve, along with the successful guys from Bangtan.

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It was through an interview for important and exclusive US media where Bunny spoke about his most recent release, his new album “The last tour of the world”, which includes a great duet with Rosalía in “La noche de noche”.

In the aforementioned series of questions, the singer was questioned about the requests he has received from many fans, from both parties, to collaborate with BTS, who we know is one of the most popular groups of the moment.

We also know well that BigHit’s “idols” are not strangers to collaborations, since they have already worked hand in hand with Nicki Minaj, Halsey, Steve Aoki, Max and Troye Sivan; so Latin music could be your next step, creating interesting pieces of entertainment.

This K-pop fusion has already happened before, so it would not be strange to mix Spanish and Korean, so the rumors of a collaboration of Bad Bunny with BTS began a few months ago, although the question remains the same: a musical single with these two greatest exponents of their genre possible?

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To know the answer well, we need to go back to where it all began. It turns out that on the “Genius” platform a song called “Baddie” was recorded, supposedly produced by Suga and J-Hope, this single was what sparked the rumors of a duet between the idol and Bad Bunny.

Since then, the creator of “Safaera” has been questioned countless times about this alleged collaboration, as even the ARMY has sent several requests for them to work together.

Bad Bunny’s response in said interview finally clarified the question about whether this crossover will happen.

The reggaeton said that he will collaborate with BTS, but clarified that he will do so until he learns to dance like them, as it is well known that K-pop develops the talent of idols for choreography.

And, despite the fact that his response was very comical, it raised hopes that one day it will come true, and although the dances these boys perform may seem easy, the truth is that you must be a talented dancer to be able to recreate it. , and clearly “San Benito” does not want to be humiliated in front of the cameras, because obviously if they collaborate, they will have to make their respective music video, and of course, they will all have to dance, he just wants to be up to par.

This caused the entire ARMY to share their reactions after the statement, as Bad Bunny did not rule out the idea of ​​making a Latin K-pop song with the boys.

What they have in common so far is that they both have the best year of their career and are part of the great Grammys party.