Will there be a remake of TimeSplitters 2? THQ Nordic clears it up

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THQ Nordic revealed months ago its interest in bringing back TimeSplitters, a franchise that many players miss. The reality is that the series has been inactive for more than 10 years and its future is still uncertain.

However, a recent track has given fans hope that the company will officially revive the saga with a relaunch. Specifically with a possible remake of TimeSplitters 2, a title that originally debuted in 2002.

It all started with SpellForce 3: Fallen God, a game that debuted last week and has a reference to several company titles, including TimeSplitters 2. Due to the confusion and excitement of the players, THQ Nordic decided to clarify the situation.

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THQ Nordic denies remake of TimeSplitters 2

SpellForce 3: Fallen God includes several items named after different THQ Nordic games. So titles like Biomutant and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom are mentioned, to name a few.

What most caught the attention of the players was an object called TimeSplitters 2 Remake, a title that has not been confirmed by the developer. As you imagine this excited the players, you want they believed that this was a clear clue about the return of the series.

“” It’s finally coming! The iconic shooter that has stood the test of time to join the era of modern games, “reads the description of the object referencing TimeSplitters 2.

Unfortunately, it was all a false alarm. A spokesperson for THQ Nordic claimed that the mention of the game’s remake is merely an easter egg joke, so they aren’t really working on a remake of the sequel.

“The intention behind those Easter eggs was pure fun. When Koch Media and Deep Silver are ready to talk about the TimeSplitters, they will make sure they are heard,” said the studio representative.

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