Will there be a perimeter closure after May 9? These are the covid restrictions that the Communities have announced

The communities await the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System of this afternoon to know the possible solutions that the Government can give them to control the virus without the shield of the state of alarm, and with which they will finish designing their plans towards normality.

The last meeting of the Ministry of Health and the autonomies in this state of alarm, decreed on October 25 and that will expire next Sunday, will be marked precisely by the measures that they can take now to prevent the relaxation of the restrictions implying an increase in infections when the vaccination process is not advanced enough.

The Government has maintained from the beginning that it was not going to extend this situation any longer because the autonomies have “sufficient tools” to contain the virus without the need for it. However, there are several that have shown their reluctance due to legal defenselessness in which they are left without the umbrella of the state of alarm, having to submit their measures to the judgment of the judges.

To avoid a repeat of the disparity of judicial resolutions of last summer, the Executive yesterday approved a royal decree-law that will allow the autonomies resort to the Supreme Court when their measures are denied by the higher courts of justice.

This is what the Autonomies shuffle

For now, the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, trusts that the Ministry of Health will inform the communities this afternoon and where appropriate will wait “to see what happens” for taking decisions. The Galician president understands that the epidemiological evolution of this community allows “extend hours and begin to cancel the curfew“, but he reiterated that it will be tomorrow when the Galician clinical committee meets to adopt” concrete measures “that will come into effect” this weekend. “

Meanwhile, the Andalusian government is finalizing its own “transition to normality”, so the “limitations or openings” that will be in force from this Sunday are emerging, “in consensus” with the social and economic sectors, nothing will be approved until knowing what position does he hold and what situations the central government regulates in the Interterritorial.

The president of Castilla la Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, is in favor of maintaining measures such as the use of mask and curfew; For this reason, it is going to ask for a constitutional “umbrella” that allows to continue having a prudent balance between restrictions and openness to do not go “from one hundred to zero, or from zero to one hundred”, but do an orderly de-escalation. His counselor for Development, Nacho Hernando, has added that he hopes that at the meeting the Government of Spain will provide solutions so that, without the state of alarm, the autonomous communities can make decisions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Castilla-La Mancha will request homogeneous criteria for the whole country.

The president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, is in favor of continuing with a “prudent and progressive de-escalation” to “get to summer as normally as possible”; The Generalitat will request permission from the Superior Court of Justice to maintain a curfew but more reduced, although the limitations will be decided at the end of the week with the CISNS guidelines.

The Rioja will lift next Sunday, May 9, the perimeter closure of the autonomous community and the curfew and will implement a new “semaphore” with indicators to impose, if necessary, different restrictions. This was explained by the president of the regional government, Concha Andreu, who pointed out that the state of alarm “has been a legal umbrella” and now they must “anticipate.” For this, “a system based on indicators is adopted”, especially the incidence at 14 and 7 days. However, until this Wednesday the details of this system will not be specified.

It has also ruled on the matter Catalonia. The acting vice president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced this Tuesday that at midnight from Saturday to Sunday, May 9 night curfew and mobility restrictions will end to enter and leave Catalonia, at the end of the alarm state.

The Basque government, for its part, is “prudent” about the legal amendment approved by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez so that the Autonomous Communities can appeal to the Supreme Court the decisions adopted by the Superior Courts of Justice on the restrictions they approve to continue fighting against covid-19, and maintains its intention to pass its own decree to maintain measures that prevent the spread of the pandemic “with all possible guarantees.”