Will there be a fourth stimulus check? Third Check Due Dates, Plus-up Payments, and IRS Refunds

The IRS has yet to send this week’s stimulus payments.

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The IRS is still providing the third stimulus check, in addition to the Plus-up payments and tax refunds. Also, there could be news tomorrow about a possible fourth stimulus check.

Next, we tell you what the status of the shipments of these payments is.

Fourth stimulus check

After the passage of the American Rescue Plan, 21 Democratic senators lobbied President Joe Biden to include not just a fourth stimulus check, but a series of recurring direct payments as part of his Build Back Better plan, which includes the aforementioned American Rescue Plan, in addition to the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan.

Tomorrow Wednesday night the president will present the American Families Plan where he could give some updates on a possible fourth stimulus check.

Third stimulus check

The IRS has already made 161 million payments on the third stimulus check that equates to a total of $ 379 billion. The IRS is still making weekly payments on this third check.

It should be remembered that the IRS has until December 31 of this year to finish sending all the checks and so far he has only delivered six rounds.

The first batch of checks was sent on March 17, the second in the week of March 24, the third in the week of April 3, the fourth in the week of April 7, the fifth in the week of April 14. April and the sixth in the week of April 21.

So far, he hasn’t sent this week’s batch of stimulus checks.

Plus-up payments

The IRS is also sending the Plus-up payments weekly. The IRS may have miscalculated the stimulus money you were actually supposed to get if it calculated this benefit using a tax return from 2019 or earlier.

Since your tax situation may have changed in 2020 due to the crisis, the IRS will recalculate to see if it owes you money. If so, they will send it to you as a Plus-up check.

Just last week, the IRS sent 700,000 of these extra payments.

Plus-up payments began to be sent in the week of April 7, the second batch was sent on April 14 and the third payment on April 21.

So far, this week’s batch of Plus-up checks have not been shipped.

Tax refund

The IRS will give you a tax refund in about six to eight weeks after you file your paper return. However, if you file a tax return electronically, your refund should be issued in less than three weeks, and this could be faster if you choose to have a direct deposit made, according to the institution.

You can track the status of your refund submission using the IRS ‘Where’s My Refund?’ Tool.

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