Will the United States border be open?

Mexico and United States They share a border that extends for more than 3,000 kilometers, which has led the inhabitants of the border cities to share traditions and incessant commerce.

Black friday It is one of the most anticipated dates for Mexicans living near the border, as they travel to the neighboring country to take advantage of the Offers and discounts they have American stores in electronics, appliances, clothing and more. This 2020 will be the November 27.

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day It is also celebrated by many Mexicans, especially those with family in the United States. Every year, they usually cross the border for dinner with the family. This 2020, Thanksgiving is the November 26.

However the shopping frenzy and family dinners will not be the same this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The United States health authorities ask do not travel to celebrate Thanksgiving and avoid face-to-face purchases. They call in for dinner at home and online shopping.

Frontera will have partial closure

In addition, of the calls for restraint, the United States and Mexico agreed to extend the traffic restrictions at the land border they share.

At least until December 21, the passage through the land border will be restricted to travelers who do not demonstrate that their trip is essential. That is, the restriction applies to shopping trips, tourism and family reunions. However, US citizens and permanent residents can cross into the United States.

Mexicans who do not have a US residence or citizenship and want to shop, meet family members, or go sightseeing should travel by plane to the United States. Although it is suggested to avoid it because the risk of contagion is still high.

They are allowed to travel to the United States …

1) Those who travel by plane …

All Mexicans who have a tourist visa (or any other) and a Mexican passport are allowed to enter the United States by plane, as long as their entry is authorized by a CBP officer at the airport or entry crossing.

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has announced no restrictions on air travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Even the Ambassador Christopher Landau, has commented several times on his social networks that air travel is allowed. However, it suggests not traveling if it is not strictly necessary, as the risk of contagion from Covid-19 is still high.

2) Essential travelers across the land border …

Travel from Mexico to the United States via the land border is permitted for US citizens, permanent residents and for essential travelers. Here is the list of the authorized ones:

1) To work in the agriculture sector.

2) To attend an educational institution.

3) To receive medical treatment.

4) To support in emergency work as a public official, reinforcement for the government or emergency personnel.

5) As a worker involved in cross-border trade.

6) Military or diplomats who will carry out operations.

7) US citizens and permanent residents returning to the United States.

All foreigners requesting entry to the United States must have a valid visa and passport, as well as receive authorization from a Customs officer. They may ask you for proof that your trip is essential. Consider it.

They are not allowed to travel to the United States

1) Mexicans whose travel is not essential and who travel by land border

Those who want to travel across the land border (on foot or by car) cannot travel to the United States, but their reason for travel is not essential. That is, it has tourist intentions, visiting relatives or shopping.

If you wish to travel for tourism, leisure, shopping or visiting family and friends, you must do so by plane or postpone your trip until the land restrictions are lifted.