Will the series clarify if they participated in Order 66?

On May 4, Disney + premieres the new Star Wars series The Bad Batch (in a 70-minute episode), the first spin-off of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and all fans agree that it has to respond to a crucial question: Did The Bad Batch participate in Order 66? The group was originally created by Palpatine to kill the Jedi, so the logical thing is to think yes, or not? Upon their introduction in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Clone Force 99, aka Bad Batch, the Bad Batch, it became clear to us that they were very good at their job, and yet … what has happened with this elite team of clones? The series starts after Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, so the question is more than legitimate. A fan on Reddit thinks he has found the key. This theory would explain exactly what happened: The Bad Batch participated in Order 66. No fan got his theories right with The Mandalorian, could this one be right?

“We do not know the exact origin of the Bad Batch: if they were mutated on purpose, or if it just happened by accident, but either way, to escape the fate of other” useless “clones, someone important had to support them and press them to be The rules changed. Palpatine planned to kill most of the Jedi through numbers, but he had to know that there would be some Jedi who would survive, either by skill or luck, “this fan raises in her theory. “For this I would need clones capable of hunting and killing Jedi, without the advantage of number [un poco lo que harían después los Inquisitorius de Darth Vader en la colección de Marvel de Charles Soule]. BBs have all the skills necessary to track and kill Jedi in various ways: Crosshair can engage them from a distance, denying his lightsabers; Wrecker is strong enough to physically confront you (at least to distract or stop you); Hunter is able to track a Jedi by smell, even when he leaves the network; Tech had the ability to create any device needed to specifically deal with a Jedi (as the Mandalorians did), as well as being able to hack information that could be useful. In addition, they were creative tactical fighters, able to adapt and change much more easily than most clones and act without explicit orders, “he continues.

“Even more evidence of this is that it has been canonically stated that they have no known superior officer. But they have to get their missions from somewhere … like the commander of the Republic forces?” Would Palpatine really forget to chip the super independent command group, or would he think of some other method to control them? The chips were flawed, sure, but even Rex, someone known for being willing to think for himself and disobey orders , He was only able to avoid the chip control for a few seconds. Palpatine is not stupid. He would splinter them just to keep them out of the way at the very least, even if he didn’t want them to kill Jedi. In the official trailer we see them trailer being examined in an exercise training by Tarkin, who is wearing an Imperial uniform. At that time, if they were not under control, the Empire would not trust them in the slightest, “he says. And there it hits the spot.

Basically his theory boils down to The Bad Batch being too good at their job, prompting Palpatine to order his death. Fan Conclusion: “It is likely that the BBs were involved in the hunting down and killing of some of the survivors. However, after Order 66, there were only a handful of trained force users in the Galaxy, most of the which are under Palpatine’s control. After seeing how effective the BBs were, it’s likely that Palpatine started to worry. They could easily be a weapon against him, and in order for them to operate properly, they couldn’t have chips on 100% of the time. . Palpatine only felt safe having power over those below him. That is why he chose to switch to the Purge soldiers. Palpatine then ordered them to kill the Bad Batch once he had a safe alternative, which is why they are fleeing. ” .

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