Will the price of the tortilla go up? The Profeco responds

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office, clarified the rumors that indicated that the tortilla will increase in price in December. This happened during the morning conference that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offers every day.

« There has been no increase in energy, it has been below the average inflation, therefore, that is an important factor in the preparation of the tortilla. On the other hand, the main harvest of white corn, which is in Sinaloa , It was good this year, even a little above last year’s harvest, and the price paid for that white corn, which is the important thing, was a little lower than last year. So, there was no increase in white corn, that it is already bought, it is already stockpiled, « said the head of Profeco.

They deny an increase in the price of the tortilla. Photo: Reforma

Ricardo Sheffield Padilla pointed out that Gruma and Minsa, two of the main manufacturers of nixtamalized corn flour, have not had increases, this was only at the end of last year, and very little.

« So, all this year there have not been nor do we have indications, knowledge, that there is going to be an increase in nixtamalized corn flour. If nothing has increased, why are they going to increase it? », Said the official.

The head of Profeco said that the one who started the rumor of the increase in the price was a group of tortilla manufacturers in the State of Mexico, although there is not a single one that is dedicated to making this essential food in the kitchen of Mexicans.

For his part, President López Obrador reiterated that the price of gasoline and energy is not increasing, so neither should the price of tortilla. Similarly, he took the opportunity to thank Juan González, president of the Maseca Council, who went to the state of Tabasco, affected by the floods, to help three plants to make tortillas.

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