When we all thought that the price of smartphones had stagnated, not in vain Apple, one of the most trend-setting firms in the market, had launched its new iPhone 11 at a “fairly contained price”, we got a really good slap in the face. Because brands have discovered new excuses to raise the price of their phones and seen what they have seen, they are going to use them.

What if cameras with 108 megapixels, 12 GB of RAM more than many computers, what if 5G … this type of evolution in smartphones have served for brands to launch their new top of the range at prices that already exceed 1,000 euros. Regardless of whether or not it seems fair to us that an iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung’s latest terminal, the Galaxy S20, overcomes this barrier of 1,000 euros, what we must ask ourselves is what will be the maximum price that we are willing to pay for a mobile phone and if at some point we will see 2,000 euro smartphones.

Would you pay for a mobile phone of 2000 euros that was not folding?

For many, a mobile phone is much more than just a phone. For many people it is the indispensable accessory of their work, their portable office where they keep all the documents and essential tools with which they can earn their daily bread. Hence for this person, that for him a smartphone is essential, bet on an expensive device that can last you many years not for a cheap one that must be renewed year after year. Because whatever they say, a 100 euro phone does not do the same thing as a 1000.

We might even compare a mobile phone to a computer. Doesn’t Apple do it with its iPad? Well, if we take into account that a mobile phone is currently somewhat similar to a computer, it would not be unreasonable for smartphone prices to skyrocket in the future, reaching prices never seen before. As we have previously said, technological developments such as better features or a higher quality photographic section have their prices and if we want to have the latest in the market, we have to pay for it.

But there are several things to keep in mind as to why brands continue and continue to raise the prices of their terminals. The first is that if a user purchases a smartphone of more than 1,000 euros, they will not renew it the following year. It is logical. Except for very specific cases in which the consumer decides to sell their current phone at a good price to acquire the one recently launched on the market, when one acquires a smartphone it is to last a few years. That makes people spend less on phones every year that passes and signatures want to raise the price of their new range caps to recoup losses.

The second, that many people do not “equal” the price of a terminal. As a general rule, a device of 1,400 euros will finance it for 2 years, which means that you must pay at least 58 euros a month plus interest. A more than affordable price for any economy. So, Why not also be able to pay 2,000 euros in easy installments?

In short, the price of mobile phones is getting out of hand. That at this rate no one is surprised if in one or two years we will see the first smartphone that exceeds 2,000 euros and is not a folding device. They will sell it to us with the best camera on the market, 24 GB of RAM to move the Fortnite and 5G technology to watch our favorite series on Netflix without rest. Of course the battery will continue to last a fair day and you will receive the right updates and security patches. That is to say, characteristics that the average user will be absolutely useless but that will generate an urgent need to have the latest technology in hand. It’s the friends market.

And you, up to what price would you be willing to pay for a smartphone?

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