Will the Innocent have a second season on Netflix?

El Inocente, the Spanish series starring Mario Casas, is all the rage on Netflix. We tell you whether or not it will have a second season.

Since it arrived on Netflix on April 30, El Inocente became the second most watched series worldwide on the famous platform. A story that revolves around murder, mystery and suspense; These were the keys that made it the great success that it is today. What many followers wonder is whether this fiction starring Mario Casas will have a second season or will it remain as a miniseries. Oriol Paulo, its creator, answered this question and was forceful about the plans he has.

“No one can escape the past and Mateo, Olivia, Lorena and Aguilar will face the decisions that broke their lives forever,” says the official synopsis of El Inocente, the Spanish series that leads the ranking of the most watched in countries like Spain , Argentina and Venezuela, while it ranks second in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.

This new Netflix series is an adaptation of the homonymous book by Harlan Coben and its director expressed how his transformation was made. “I traveled to New York and spent a week with the author telling him my vision, how I was going to treat the material, the changes that I was going to introduce, how I would transfer it to Spain. He loved everything I proposed to him and gave me freedom to work, ”he explained to Cultura Ocio.

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Will it have a second season on Netflix?

Paulo’s idea was to put together an eight-hour movie about the book and divide it into eight episodes to make it a series. What was shown on the screen met his expectations, but it means something very little hopeful for a second season of The Innocent. “The viewer is going to travel through a labyrinth and in the end they will reach the center of that labyrinth and the series will close. It is closed, ”he said about the continuation of the program.

In this way, if El Inocente wants to continue his story, he will have to contrive as La Casa de Papel or create a spin-off. What we are sure of is that its first 28 days on the air will be key to determining whether Netflix will want to continue investing in the series or will prefer to leave it for a season. At the moment, it was not only seen in many countries but also received good ratings: IMDB gave it 8 points and Rotten Tomattoes gave it an 88% approval rating.

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