Will the IFE of Anses and a new ATP return in 2021?

The Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo placeholder image, mentioned that the Emergency Family Income (IFE) was not contemplated in the 2021 budget, although he warned that in the event of a coronavirus outbreak « or the social situation becomes complicated, we will take exceptional measures. »


The official commented to the journalist Marcelo Bonelli that « In this year’s Budget there are neither the IFE nor the ATP for companies. But if there is a resurgence of the health emergency, we will take exceptional measures. If the social situation becomes complicated, we will apply the measures in each case ”.



In this same context, Arroyo mentioned that they are working « on five axes: Empower Work, which works as an income base to work; the machine and tool bench; non-bank credit for production; take advantage of the gondolas law with the collective brand system; and marketing systems with the generation of 400 small central markets« .

In recent weeks, the minister met with representatives of ATE, Movimiento Octubres, Barrios de pie, Camioneros, Tupac Amaru, CCC, Obreros Navales, Martín Fierro, CTD Aníbal Verón, MUP, CGE, FACAAL- Cooperativa de Alimentos, Peronismo 26 de Julio, MTA, Users and Consumers, SMEs, Grupo Bolívar, among others.