Will the Ferrari engine be competitive again in 2021?

The 2020 season for Ferrari-powered teams was disastrous in large part as a result of an anemic engine that dragged through the season as the worst propellant on the grid. Will that change in 2021?

Ferrari went too far in 2019 and it was finally ‘proven’ that dominance over the rest in terms of power and top speed of its engine was mainly due to a violation of the regulations.

Although the FIA ​​could not certify it clearly, it agreed with Ferrari an intermediate solution that resulted in a badly flat engine in 2020, which undoubtedly affected the Italian team and its customers: Alfa Romeo and Haas.

“We had a serious meeting with Ferrari to discuss the points where a good job was not done”

Now all that has been left behind and Ferrari hopes to present a competitive engine that allows the official training and its client teams to recover a large part of what was lost last year.

Best engine in 2021

“The collaboration with Ferrari is going very well,” he confirms Frédéric Vasseur, director of Alfa Romeo Racing. “We had a serious meeting, a long meeting over the winter, to cover the points last year where we probably didn’t do the perfect job.”

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The Italian-Swiss team presented the new Alfa Romeo C41 on Monday and they already know well the potential of the new Ferrari engine. “We are in the good way. I think they will probably recover a large part of the deficit that they had last year, collaboration is getting better and better, ”says Vasseur.

“The key point of the collaboration is to be convinced that we can learn from each other in the field of regulation. We have to play with this and do the best job possible, “reiterated the French leader, who is confident that Alfa Romeo will regain its competitiveness. “The main issue will be the aerodynamics, although we have some restrictions we still have some freedom to recover and we did. I think we are back at a decent level ».