Snyder Cut is a bit of a subject that keeps coming up, every week or so, when you are interested in DC Comics news. A fantasy version, seen by a very small number of people, of what the movie Justice League could have been if the director had had all the freedom he wanted. Zack Snyder did indeed have many different artists with Warner Bros during development and it was ultimately Joss Whedon who finished the film for him. The film brought in “only” $ 657 million in revenue worldwide, far from what the studio was probably hoping for. Since then, fans and actors have regularly demanded to see this long-awaited version of the film. A subject that has just experienced yet another rebound this week.

The Snyder Cut on VOD?

Indeed, the situation has undergone several changes. First of all, due to the coronavirus epidemic, many films, like Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot, are eligible for VOD release instead of dark rooms. At the same time, there has been a change in the leadership of Warner Bros. Jason Kilar, the former Amazon executive and co-founder of Hulu, will become the boss of Warner Media starting May 1. Through his career, he has a more positive outlook than others on streaming platforms. He also repeatedly expressed his interest in the release of the Snyder Cut.

He gave a new example this week. A surfer asked for the film to be released on Twitter in a post that responded to the appointment of Jason Kilar. However, the boss of Warnermedia liked this tweet. And it’s not the only tweet in this register. From there to see a quick decision on the subject … We just have to cross our fingers.