Will the Chicago Bulls be the pleasant surprise of the NBA season?

A new NBA season looms on the horizon for the best basketball league on the planet. With just a few weeks before a new campaign by America’s basketball elite kicks off, many teams have already made as many moves as possible in their squad.

Logically, there are still a series of important transfers that will redesign the components of the different franchises in the league, but the base of many teams is already defined and is the practical example of Chicago Bulls.

Although they were already one of the most pleasant surprises of last season, the pupils of Billy donovan They have had an excellent offseason and are one of the great candidates to occupy a Playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, even if it is through the Play-In.

Better team than last season

The first movement that must be analyzed to understand the current level of the Bulls is the one made during last season, adding to Nikola Vucevic as a second sword from the hand of Zach LaVine and taking advantage of the dire situation of the Orlando Magic.

But this summer, in addition to keeping its two stars, it has managed to add top-of-the-line players such as DeMar DeRozan or Lonzo Ball, who complete the Bulls quintet in the best possible way.

However, it is not only about that, it is also about increasing the benefits of the second line and adding skills in the rotation. And what if they have succeeded, especially with the signing of Álex Caruso, an invaluable asset for the Los Angeles Lakers these last two seasons, in addition to the physique and defense of Derrick Jones, the experience and hand of Marko Simonovic, the choice of the young Ayo Dosumnu in the NBA Draft 2021 …

Illusion in Chicago with these new Bulls?

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