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TEKKEN 7, the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s fight series debuted just over 2 years ago on consoles. The developer has supported the game with downloadable content in the form of new characters, settings, and more content. Players have been asking the company to add a Yakuza character for a long time and it seems it is very close to a collaboration between these 2 franchises.

Bandai Namco producer in charge of their IPs, Katsuhiro Harada, normally asks fans not to make requests for absurd collaborations, but it seems that they will finally get the SEGA Yakuza franchise to appear on TEKKEN 7. We say this because the producer recently shared On Twitter, an image that has made his followers think that Yakuza characters could get to the fighting game.

In the image you can take a look at the development room, specifically a blackboard with printed screenshots of the game. In total there are 4 and you could think that they are random images, but there is one, the one in the upper right corner, which has given a lot to talk about, as fans have recognized that the place behind Lee Chaolan is an establishment that does not It has appeared in the TEKKEN series, but it has appeared in the Yakuza games.

In case you missed it: TEKKEN 7 and the franchise overall have sold millions of copies.

Image shared by Katsuhiro Harada

Picture of the establishment in the Yakuza series

Collaboration between these 2 franchises is more likely than ever

Harada had already given a reference about a possible collaboration with Yakuza, but the message was otherwise ambiguous. However, as you can see, this time the tracks are more notorious, since material from the SEGA series is seen within TEKKEN 7, which for many fans may indicate that the association will take place and that as a result of it they could see a new combat scenario, as well as a new character, be it Kiryu Kazuma or Goro Majima.

If you think it is crazy that these 2 IPs make a collaboration, we tell you that it is not so much, since it is common for the series of fights to invite characters from other franchises, such as Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury and even characters outside the video game universe, like Negan from The Walking Dead.

And what do you think? Do you think Yakuza has a collaboration with TEKKEN 7? Tell us in the comments.

We remind you that the latest additions to TEKKEN 7 were Zafina, Leroy Smith, Genryu and Fahkumram.

TEKKEN 7 debuted on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. If you want to check more details about it, we invite you to visit its file or consult our written review.

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