jason Derulo posted a shocking video on his Tik Tok account. Indeed, we see him taking a golf lesson with Will Smith but this lesson turns to drama. The singer hits the actor’s teeth with his club and breaks two of his teeth.

Hand games, naughty games ! If the adage is well known, it is because this theory is verified very often. Lately, Jason Derulo and Will Smith have paid the price. Indeed, they had fun on the social network Tik Tok. Yes, except that the king of Tik Tok, Jason Derulo, offered a golf lesson to the famous actor … and this lesson has skidded.

Indeed, Will Smith had his teeth broken by the golf club Jason Derulo held in his hand! Oops! The video, which can be shocking, is available in a post Instagram published by Jason Derulo himself.

Two broken teeth for Will Smith

In this sequence, we can see Jason Derulo, a golf club in hand, in front of a virtual screen. He is on a green carpet and tries to hit a ball. Before the latter tries to make a good swing, Will Smith approaches once for him to give advice.

But Will Smith returns… and that’s when the frontman of Want to Want Me hits with all his might. The golf club goes straight into the face of the American actor. Visibly stunned, he looks at the camera and bares his teeth. He’s missing two on the front!

Angry, the one who plays in Diversion calls Jason Derulo, telling him that from now on it’s his turn to strike. He grabs the golf club and slaps the singer on the legs! Ouch…

A hoax video

Rest assured, the two stars did not hit each other until death without following! No, it was a hoax to create a buzz! And the least we can say is that the video has been seen a lot. On the account Instagram by Jason Derulo, it has been viewed over 1.8 million times. A box. Afterwards everyone will judge whether they find this hoax funny or not. Will Smith has therefore kept all his teeth and is happy to make his fans believe that he has lost his legendary smile! What a Bad Boy this Will!

Jason Derulo became a follower of Tik Tok from containment. Moreover, he very often makes the buzz with his videos and declared to gain insane sums thanks to these short films. Sure Tik Tok it is followed by 28 million people, that is to say! In an interview with Complex magazine, he revealed that he earns well over $ 75,000 for each video. A real little jackpot.