Will Smith and Margot Robbie were together, theories begin after the confession of Jada Smith | INSTAGRAM

After Jada Smith admitted her affair with the young rapper, rumors of an affair between Will and Margot are growing stronger.

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As we mentioned earlier, Will and his wife Jada Smith sat face to face at a table and talked about their relationship, finally she admitted that she had had an affair with rapper August Alsina, her son’s friend, and clarified, also that during that period she was separated from the actor.

For his part, Will was very sympathetic to the situation and told how during that moment the relationship between the two was ended. « I didn’t want to see your butt, » he said with a laugh. And added: « I was sick of you. »

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The most honest and uncomfortable conversation was made on the talk show that the actress manages through Facebook, it was then that the couple admitted for the first time that Jaden’s friend (his son) was more than involved in the family, so Jada mentioned that she approached the young man mainly because she wanted to help him overcome his health problems.

However, it was a reflection issued by the actor that quickly transformed into a shot of rumors within social networks, as Will claimed that both had made mistakes « without fear of losing their family », this phrase was the cause of great speculation, the strongest of all was that the actor also had some adventures.

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It was here that internet users added a fourth name to the list of participants in these love affairs: Margot Robbie, who co-starred in the movie « Focus: Masters of the Scam. »

So fans quickly added archival photos of the two stars on different red carpets and began a thorough investigation to find out if his arm was below the “co-star zone”, if she was smiling too much, or even there were knowing or suspicious looks.

It is important to mention that this rumor was born in 2015, when the film was filmed, when both protagonists of the film shared the end of filming party, Will and Margot entered a booth together to portray the moment, but according to both protagonists, everything the film crew was there, and they shared the photos that were taken on the machine.

And clearly, at the time Margot was blunt and denied everything: “There is absolutely nothing true in the ridiculous rumor. It’s disappointing that a game between friends can be taken so out of context.  » However, now fans will not rest until they get more responses.

There are many more situations and even videos where Margot mentions Will Smith and even leaked photographs where they show their great closeness. Could it be that all this time we had him in front of us and we couldn’t realize it?